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Sorry, but lately I'm not checking this page ... and in the email that has been provided here - to much SPAM has been sent.
If you want to contact me - I'm managng mail defined on page
So you can write few words there :)
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The best 5 of this week
AMPLI [APL] +67.14%
EUROHOLD [EHG] +26.67%
DGA [DGA] +24.22%
UNIMA [U2K] +19.16%
ATLASEST [ATL] +14.17%

The worst 5 of this week
OPENFIN [OPF] -23.33%
MBWS [MBW] -16.62%
TSGAMES [TEN] -15.2%
YOLO [YOL] -14.95%
MLSYSTEM [MLS] -14.73%

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