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Date: 2010.11.15
Program for udates moved to new server because of issues with updating database
Webpage should work now as before

Date: 2008.07.19
Translated page into English.
Updated database with companies financial results
Added link to information about companies on Interia page.

Date: 2008.05.23
Updated database with companies financial results.
Added data from I quater of 2008.

Date: 2008.03.14
Crated new automatic script to publish Super Bull and Super Bear data to the news group.

Date: 2007.12.04
Added new module Companies financial results.
Data are getting from few WWW sites and calculated automatically during the session.
Changed generating weekly statistic at Super Bull / Super Bear.

Date: 2007.11.26
For each share added link to service
At history types for Super Bull and Super Bear added user's position for each week.

Date: 2007.11.01
Added statistics and ranking of the best 30 and the worst 30 at Super Bull / Super Bear.
Changed colors for the best / the worst stocks.

For remainder changes please see Polish site.

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The best 5 of this week
CELTIC [CPD] +22.63%
RAFAKO [RFK] +11.65%
IZOBLOK [IZB] +11.46%
IFSA [IFR] +8.09%
PANOVA [NVA] +7.97%

The worst 5 of this week
PGFGROUP [PGV] -31.08%
VISTAL [VTL] -25.29%
ZREMB [ZRE] -13.5%
ASMGROUP [ASM] -12.76%

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